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I know they look gigantic, but they are about 1inch each.

Half a pkg of JD breakfast Sausage Raw torn into egg yolk sized pieces.

1 regular egg

about 1 cup sharp cheddar (the cheap pre shred stuff with the potato starch on it).

about 1/4 cup Grated Parm (the stuff with the green top).

1/2 Tbsp granulated onion

2 Tbsp granulated Garlic (I like garlic, you might use less)

I would probably add more spices next time, not sure what… at least fresh pepper. Maybe minced onion…

Mixed with hands till fully combined and turned into a soggy mess but barely able to hold shape as a giant meatball.

Put in fryer basket lined with enough parchment to hold the oil that I knew was going to drain out, in middle position in the Omni. (next time, I would make them tall ovals standing on end, not round balls because they somewhat flatten out when cooked)

370 air fry (I used the fish setting and changed the options) for ten min, added after preheat, checked temp at “turn” time and they were 140 so I left them in for the rest of the time and minimum temp was 165 at the end of ten min.

Opened door and left them alone for 5 min for cheese to set up before removing.

Before Cooking

Ready to eat